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The Birkett Mills

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Side Dishes

Recipe - Kasha and Zucchini Casserole

Kasha and Zucchini Casserole

A delicious, fresh casserole made with kasha.
Recipe - Cheesy Buckwheat with Green Chiles

Cheesy Buckwheat with Green Chiles

Comfort food at its finest!
Recipe - Savory Apple Kasha Stuffing

Savory Apple Kasha Stuffing

You can't go wrong with our take on traditional stuffing.
Recipe - Kasha Pilaf

Kasha Pilaf

A delightful dish that goes well with lamb! Adapted from “The Uncommon Gourmet’s All-Occasion Cookbook.
Recipe - Kasha Pilaf With Eggplant & Tomatoes

Kasha Pilaf With Eggplant & Tomatoes

Another delightful kasha dish!
Recipe - Buckwheat Pesto

Buckwheat Pesto

A new twist on everyone's favorite topping
Recipe - Instant Pot Buckwheat Groats

Instant Pot Buckwheat Groats

A new technique for cooking buckwheat!